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Re: A problem internal to GDB has been detected


I think you adressed the problem. but after setting ulimit -d a bit higher I get
a bit more ahead, so the memory is later exhausted. This does not helped that much.

ulimit -m was alrady at the maximum.

$ ulimit -m 708879
sh: ulimit: exceeds allowable limit

is there a way to exceed the allowable limit? how is the maximum determined?

> Problem is that gdb ran out of memory: apparently your GNUStep app is
> a bit bloated and contains lots of debugging information.  That debug
> information doesn't fit into the memory you've allowed for gdb.  Try
> to increase the amount of memory using "ulimit -d" and/or "ulimit -m".
> Mark

so I think it is a problem of the application because I am able to debug
other objc applications.


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