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any luck with CBL for spamd pf Table ?

Tried to use CBL for spamd.conf, it was a bust.
may have been sysadmin err0r/misunderstanding..:).

Anyone else successfully using CBL for /usr/libexec/spamd-setup ?

It appears that the CBL black list has about 1,744,279 entries....
The CBL list is a big part of the Spamhaus XBL list, and gets
a lot that others may miss. And using dns instead of pf to reject is not

But how many addresses can be put into pf Table without overload?
(depends on arch and resources... but in short.. rule of thumb..
how many lines should be stay under when putting Tables for spamd?)

with over million IPs in CBL, trying
   /usr/libexec/spamd-setup -d
just sets there cooking and doesn't finish....

retrieval notes:
/usr/local/bin/rsync rsync://rsync.cbl.abuseat.org/cbl/list.txt \
sed -e '/^[0-9]/!d' /tmp/cbl-list.txt.rsync > /tmp/cbl-list.txt
wc -l /tmp/cbl-list.txt
mv list to appropriate folder, edit /etc/spamd.conf, run spamd-setup and it just does not do well...
so many lines... or some of the lines have something that hangs spamd-setup???

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