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Re: Soekris & OBSD as servers

On 8/4/05, Gustavo Rios <rios_(_dot_)_gustavo_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> I would like to set a obsd and soekris boxes as a server for about 100 users.
> This box is supposed to handle NIS + Kerberos.
> Does such configuration can handle the task ? I mean on a performance matter.
> Does anybody have such configuration?

the default config on OpenBSD can easily handle 100 users. Whether or
not a Soekris is the right _hardware_ platform is another matter
altogether. If you're handling users, as opposed to just packets, you
will probably want some kind of disk-based storage for their home
directories, NIS+ databases, etc. But then, you could do this with a
Soekris too with the right adapter, but you might as well use a
generic x86 machine at that point.

Remember: OpenBSD is software, and runs on many platforms. Soekris is
x86 hardware, geared towards specific tasks (typically networking, not
user management, databases, web serving, etc. etc.), and can run
OpenBSD or other operating systems.

If you have this firmly in mind already and I'm just misparsing your
English, my apologies.
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