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Re: VIA VT1211 termperature readout

The VT1211 chip is now supported thanks to some excellent work by Alexander Yurchenko. Thanks for all the help, Alexander!

The Lex box actually keeps quite cool (~48 C) regardless of load, probably due to the cpu-heatpipe. When I replace the hard drive with a flash it will probably drop a couple of degrees more.

Thanks, Rickard.

Rickard Dahlstrand wrote:


My dream has come true, a new (BLACK) fan-less LEX CV863A-3U10E. Three
em gig-interfaces and a 1GHz Via Eden processor with encryption and
random number acceleration.

Well, except the fact that I can't monitor the temperature inside the
box since it uses a VIA VT1211 chip which is unsupported in OpenBSD. I
have tried both healthd and xmbmon and healthd actually identifies it
and returns some kind of voltages and temps, but the temps are all 255
or 0. Voltages seems ok though.

So, my question is. Are there any other application or solutions that I
can try other than that? Does anyone know of a solution is worth digging


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