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Re: ppp in userland

"J.D. Bronson" <jbronson_(_at_)_wixb_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

> Are there any 'known' issues with pppoe in userland under 3.7-stable?

Yes, it eats a lot of CPU. Try using kernel pppoe since that uses less
CPU. On 1 MBit, it won't be a problem, but with 2 MBit, userland pppoe
could already be a problem. And you have 6 MBit. Especally if you use
BitTorrent, this could be a big problem, since that uses a lot of small
packages and therefore needs a huge amount of CPU with userland pppoe.
With kernel pppoe, it shouldn't be a problem at all and the CPU usage
should be less.