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Re: openbsd 3.7 in-kernel pppoe issues

Hi jmc,

Thanks for your answer. 

My connection works with an userland pppoe config (ppp.conf, ...).

I also tested with pf disabled. Same result... I cannot obtain my remote

Unfortunately my local and remote (gateway) isp ip addresses are dynamic (so
I use wildcard addresses for both).

And you are right for the /etc/mygate! I have got one... for a previous
configuration. I deleted it and now I can ping the outside. This is strange,
is that with this misconfigured mygate the userland pppoe configuration was

So it seems to work correctly but the gateway is still, which is not
a problem I guess. 

Thanks again for your help.

>your connection is up and working. maybe you have filter rules
>access somewhere, or an /etc/mygate file overwriting your default
>i don't know about the syntax changing, since i don't use
>but if you have a permanent (static) gateway address, you could
>that value into /etc/hostname.pppoe0. i don't think it's your

Alexis de BRUYN
email : alexis_(_at_)_de-bruyn_(_dot_)_fr
web : http://www.de-bruyn.fr

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>Objet : Re: openbsd 3.7 in-kernel pppoe issues
>On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 07:14:54AM +0200, Alexis de BRUYN wrote:
>mtu 1492
>>         dev: ne3 state: session
>>         sid: 0xc368 PADI retries: 0 PADR retries: 0 time:
>>         inet --> netmask 0xffffffff
>>         inet6 fe80::204:76ff:fe94:23a7%pppoe0 ->  prefixlen 64
>scopeid 0x9
>> May the gateway ip address change (to in my case) as
>a userlang
>> pppoe config or not ? As you can see becomes
> (my dynamic
>> ip).

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