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generel software RAID-Question (IBMx330, raid failed, where to look for errors? )

Are there any problems known with the raidframe-device?

In my case: I've a IBM X330 with dual P3 800Mhz and 2 SCSI-HDDs.
One is about 160Gb and the other is smaler. I created a raid for the /home
but today the server stoped working. I've just remote acces so the
tecnican (a guy I know) told me the server wont boot up and stops during

I've no further details and get my box back (today).
Then I'll investigate it much more..

I don't think the HDDs are brocken because I obsoleted the server
personaly and I hopefully know what I do.

So I just wanna like to know if there's maybe any problem known or if
maybe somebody has similiar experience (because the IBM-Servers).
I would also happy if somebody could provide me e.g. some hints where to
look for potential problems (Problems I maybe didn't noticed during my
checks, just 2 months ago).

I ask because RAIDframe isn't in the default-Kernel so I'm not sure if
it's a good choice for productiv servers. I would be happy if somebody
with much more experience would give me some hints where to look for
potential errors.

It's the first and only raid I ever set up (software-raid) so my
experience with raidframe is very limited.

I'll try to make the raid working again at first with a spec. bootfloppy.
Before I'll do that I'll take a look in the BIOS for error-codes.
Is there something else I should/can do before I start to rebuild the raid
to figure out what exactly happened if the BIOS wont give me a hint?
I wont belive that it's a HDD-Error because before I moved home (I visited
a friend) I checked the HDDs and FS via fsck and co for errors and I got
no errors nor bad blocks... and 5 hrs later the server stoped working. :-(

Kind regards,