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Re: authpf-like functionality via a web interface?

On Wednesday 03 of August 2005 00:43, Barry, Christopher wrote:
> Greetings everyone,
> 	I've got a parallel untrusted network that services conference
> rooms, visitor cubes and wireless access points that is serviced by dual
> OBSD 3.7 firewalls using carp and pfsync.
> 	What I would like to do is to allow clients to get an IP, and
> then when they open their browser, they are redirected to a web page
> that gets a username/password to allow them access to the greater
> internet.
> Authpf seems to do this via ssh, but I'll need to service non-ssh
> equipped sales folk, etc. Is there a project around that provides this
> functionality, or will I need to create it?

A bit not what you're asking, but one of ssh java applets?
And i think i remember a project for authenticating via Jabber, which was an 
interesting idea.


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