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Re: man 5 passwd fix

On Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 07:24:55PM +0200, Sven Ingebrigt Ulland wrote:
> I certainly agree, and I think the general issue is quite interesting:
> Things like these aren't very essential to the OS (compared to big
> advances in hardware support, for example), but I believe they matter
> quite a bit, especially for people just starting with OpenBSD. I am
> one of them myself, and have been for only a few weeks. If I had
> written them down, I could point to quite a few other similar issues
> in the documentation (man pages, FAQs, etc), but after a while your
> mind develops workarounds, and you forget about it.

they do matter very much to the project as a whole.

> What, then, is the proper way of fixing small problems with
> documentation, etc? At least for me, I find it difficult to make a
> fuzz about things like these, because of their relatively unimportant
> nature. A wiki-like system comes to mind, but as a disclaimer, I
> haven't given that idea nay thought at all.

doc bugs are treated the same as software/hardware bugs, and can be
reported via the usual channels. having said that, wee typos do not
really deserve full pr reports. just mail a diff (preferrably) or report
to bugs@ or to developers involved in the area of the bug.


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