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Re: 3.7 latest and hidden ssid?

I wish I could chime in and let you know more specifics about your
question, but I want to let you know my experience with wireless and
just leave it at that. Maybe someone can actually help you with your

Either way, what I've found is that hiding your ssid from the world
does nothing except make it harder for you to connect to your own
access point. If someone wants to get in to your network, hiding the
ssid won't do anything. Programs like netstumbler on windows and
kismet on linux can *EASILY* see a hidden ssid. This makes me ask the
question, why do you need to hide your ssid?

Yes, I know how asking redundant questions like "why are you doing
this, why are you doing that" isn't really helpful, but in this case
it seems a justified answer.. given that people can easily get around
a hidden ssid and it just makes life for YOU harder.

I hope this helps in just a little way. If not, then I hope someone
else can chime in with a more relevant answer.

On 8/2/05, Jonas Fischer <jonas_openbsd_(_at_)_slash_(_dot_)_se> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm have problems to connect to a AP with hidden ssid.
> As soon as I unhides the ssid my OpenBSD client can connect and when I
> hides the ssid on the AP again, my client drops the connection!?
> Why is that?
> I'm using OpenBSD snapshot (from 31/7) and a Ralink rt2500 pccard (Level
> One WPC-0301).

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