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Hello everybody.
I just wanted to say thank and hi to everybody in the OpenBSD tent on WTH.
Wim: we left pretty early on the monday so we didn't get a chance to
say thanks in person and say good bye. Thank you for everything, it
was a great organized event :)

It was pretty fun to see on WTH, I saw like 10 ppl with Debian
t-shirts, a few slackware and one NetBSD (worn by hubert@) but I saw
300-400+ OpenBSD t-shirts, hoods, jackets etc. Great work by Wim and I
think he sold a lot.

Thank you everybody for the great time and for doing me brainwashed to
Humppa, it was the first thing I put on when I came home, hehe.

// Dunceor (Karl Sjvdahl).

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