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Re: FTPS recommendations?

From: Bob Bostwick (Lists) [mailto:boblist_(_at_)_digitechsystems_(_dot_)_com]
> 	I am implementing an FTP server and need it to use SSL/TLS.  I
> know ftpd doesn't support this, and was wondering if anyone had any
> suggestions on an alternative.  I know SFTP exists, but that is not an
> option, as the clients are not going to change.  I know pure-ftpd
> supports this, but didn't know if there was anything better or not.

I use pure-ftpd for this purpose and like it. It only supports TLS so your
range of clients supporting that will be less than those that support SSL
and TLS, for example.

I think you might look at ProFTPd as well, IIRC it supports FTPS.


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