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Re: newbie question on patches

On Saturday 30 of July 2005 23:58, Roger Neth Jr wrote:
> Hello All,
> Recently there were a couple of patches for libz. Am I able to install the
> latest patch and will that will take care of the previous patch also?
> My assumption is yes but want to make sure.

>From http://openbsd.org/faq/faq10.html#Patches :
"However, patches are assumed to be applied "in order" -- it is possible that 
a later patch is dependent upon an earlier one. Be aware of this if you elect 
to "pick and choose" which patches you apply, and if in doubt, apply them 
all, in order."

So, you should apply all patches, in order. Every patch fixes a separate 
thing, and doesn't include fixes for previous ones.

> Would this be the same with all patches if one misses a previous patch?

It's the same for all patches - it fixes one specific thing.

> Thank you,
> rogern


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