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Re: suggested /etc/skel/ modifications


On Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 06:50:19PM +0200, jimmy_(_at_)_inet-solutions_(_dot_)_be wrote:
>Quoting Moritz Grimm <mlist_(_at_)_scapa_(_dot_)_dnsalias_(_dot_)_net>:

>> > Ever heart of a multiuser system where one user shouldn't be able to
>> > acces the files of another user? Not all users are thinking about this
>> > issue and many forget to change the modes for confidential files. IMO,

>> But keeping confidential files on "true" multiuser systems is stupid ...

>I disagree, How about a heavy build server for different projects?
>Or shared (insert word)-solutions. You cannot be to careful with your
>files, one day, as normal user, you will forget to chmod() that file ...

Then, for that system, you can modify the default install as said.
And if your stuff is very secret, even among co-workers, check out
encryption options.

However I'd prefer to work in a place where the employees could
in basic trust each other wrt the products of their respective work.


Kind regards,