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Re: Need Quad Ethernet for router box

All of the traffic pretty much will be passing over the router.  I see
the wisdom of what you are saying with redesigning the network and I
will give it some thought, but the majority of the resources are
located in one spot.  I will mull that over though.  As it stands, only
some students doing filesharing would not pass the router.

I am liking the VLAN concept more and more for the less active
segments.  The whole thing has to fit into the budget.  We have a few
Cisco 3500XL switches that I think support VLAN, so I could task one of
those to the job probably.  

After Henning pointed out to me with the SK cards I don't need to go
the route of the quad, I am planning on the SK dual port cards.
http://www.syskonnect.com/products/sk-9s22.htm - but when I searched it
seems like the .2 revs are becoming hard to find and the .3 is


On Thu, 21 Jul 2005 19:12:29 +0200
Alexander Bochmann <ab_(_at_)_lists_(_dot_)_gxis_(_dot_)_de> wrote:

> Hi,
> ...on Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 11:50:20AM -0400, Bill Chmura wrote:
>  > Ethernet wise, currently the whole mess is at 100MB...  It will be that
>  > way at least for 12 months after this.   As far as heavily used, I just
>  > got on the scene myself and the usage is way down.  School, summers
>  > off.  But the end of the year is crazy for them network wise.  So in
>  > the end, all I can say at this point is that its barely running at peak
>  > usage on 100MB.
> As others suggested, getting a decent switch with VLAN 
> support and using a single GigE trunk to you router 
> might be a good start (and even cheaper as a bunch 
> of 4-port GigE cards). I don't think you will run into 
> bandwidth problems on the trunk if everything is at 
> 100mbit now, and you will just have much more flexibility 
> with the segmentation. You can still push high-volume 
> VLANs to another trunk port (or dedicated links to the 
> router) later, if that turns out to be neccessary.
> Also, will all the traffic really pass the router, 
> or will much of it be local to the respective segments? 
> Thinking about how to redesign the network to reduce 
> the load on the router might be a good idea.
> Alex.


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