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Re: Writes to samba server very, very slow - more info

Gary Clemans-Gibbon wrote:
> I've tried a couple of things. Firstly I swapped out the NIC for a
> different brand, no change. Writes god-awful slow, reads nice and zippy.

When you swapped out the NIC, did you try a non-dc NIC?  Maybe a
different slot?

> $ netstat -in
> dc0     1500  192.168.20/         24956     0    40617 0     0

In general, I've found that mismatched duplex will cause excessive
collisions.  You don't seem to have that here.

> $ netstat -ss
> ip:
>         24911 total packets received
>         16 bad header checksums
>         186 with data size < data length
>         24709 packets for this host
>         40602 packets sent from this host

The bad checksums seem odd.  I checked all my machines here, and none
had IP header checksum errors, even facing the Internet.  Is there any
chance you could borrow a pair of good gig network cards to test with?
Belkin sells some cheap sk cards, they might be a good choice if you
want to purchase them.  At least try changing the NIC in your XP machine
if you haven't already.

Keep doing the tests with scp, that keeps Samba out of your diagnosis.