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Re: How to change flags of a route?


On 7/19/05, Alexander Bochmann <ab_(_at_)_lists_(_dot_)_gxis_(_dot_)_de> wrote:
> That setup is broken by design.

Well yes, but sometimes you don't have all aspects of the
network setup under your control.

> The only real way to make this work is
> to have do proxy-arp for
>, which will solve your routing
> problem automatically, as the ARP request
> won't fail anymore, and you won't need to
> set up anything on your gateway.

Yes, this is also exactly what I did. And in the long run,
I will probably split up the network segment thereby fixing
the broken network setup. But despite this, I have got the
feeling that it should be possible to change routes in the
aforementioned way.

Thanks for your answer,


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