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Re: Onboard and USB Sound Trouble

> Hello
> I have installed and used sound successfully in the past. I reread the
> man and faq pages
> about sound but still no good.
> This is an amd64 setup so I dont know if that is the reason for my
> trouble. On motherboard
> is nForce4 AC97 and USB is Creative Technology SB Live! 24-bit External.
> Neither one works (or seems to work) but both are supported as far as
> I know. The weirdest
> thing is that the usb audio comes up as uaudio0 and audio1 on the
> dmesg, however there
> is no /dev/audio1 nor /dev/uaudio0. Am I missing something here?

you can create extra device nodes with MAKEDEV(8).  in your case that
would be audio1 and mixer1.  then you can point audioctl and mixerctl
to the correct device with the -f flag or recreate the symlinks audio
and mixer to point to the right device.

if you decide to use only one sound device, you could also disable for
example the onboard sound in your kernel. then your USB sound will end
up at audio0 - see boot_config(8).

no idea why you onboard sound isn't working. do you get any errors when
using audio software, like mpg123, xmms, ... ?  if you don't get errors,
you could try unmuting all outputs, sometimes some of them get swapped.