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Re: raidFRAME - Disk id's changed, raid labels confused?

On Mon, Jul 18, 2005 at 02:21:09PM -0700, Golliher, Blake wrote:
> I've changed the raidframe.conf to reflect the change, but that didn't
> work, unless I missed something.  I still get a message about a hosed
> raid device.  I think the raidlabels contain some disk id information,
> and I'll need to find a way to change those, in order to save this
> raidgroup.  Any pointers on how to do that?

  if perhaps the wd0-6 are being found out of the same order as they
  were on the old motherboard, you could use atactl to find the
  serial # of the drives (hopefully those're unique per-drive) as they
  are in the original configuration, and then use that to ensure that
  you're putting the raid back in the same order.

  tho maybe this is a valueless suggestion :/