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Re: mozilla-firefox problem, was: kdeinit problems in 3.7-current

matt lawless wrote:
On 7/17/05, Bruno Delbono <Bruno_(_dot_)_S_(_dot_)_Delbono_(_at_)_mail_(_dot_)_ac> wrote:
How does mozilla-firefox perform on OpenBSD? Are there any differences
in performance compared to Linux/Windows?

pkg/DESCR says that extensions don't work.  Has anyone had any luck
with changing that?

some do, at least on 1.01 (or whatever the default version on 3.7 is)

I have adblock, proxychanger & webdeveloper working (though some of
webdeveloper such as edit css, view javascript, view css lock firefox

I haven't tried any others, I wasn't even aware it was an issue.

I have a self-compiled 1.0.2 or .3 running on 3.7 with some extensions, if I remember correctly I had to download the relevant .xpi and install it from disk, trying to install directly from web would hang firefox.