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Re: ppp.conf 3.7

On Sun, Jul 17, 2005 at 09:23:21PM -0500, J.D. Bronson wrote:
> At 09:00 PM 7/17/2005, you wrote:
> >On Sun, Jul 17, 2005 at 06:34:48PM -0500, J.D. Bronson wrote:
> >> Is 'enable mssfixup' still required in ppp.conf
> >> or has that been changed elsewhere now...
> >>
> >> I thought I recalled reading somewhere that this was no longer
> >> necessary, but I dont see any comment on the archives indicating such.
> >
> >I have no idea why you would think this wouldn't be necessary. It
> >definitely is no matter what.
> Perhaps it was a different flavor of *bsd.....

I very highly doubt that. If that is the case though I'd love to know
what this change is.

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