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A domain question for a private network

Hi guys,

I'm kind of a newbie at setting up domains on my private networks. I
have a firewall (OpenBSD 3.7) connected to the internet, a wireless
network, and a wired network. It serves internet to the wired and
wireless network via pf (NAT). The router is headless. I have clients
on both wired and wireless networks. I'm not running a DNS server
anyway. In fact, I'm not sure how to setup named. But I was wondering,
since the router is headless and I have to ssh into it, I need to
login without worrying about stupid ip addresses.

I don't want register any domains, just something for network to
identification is easier. In fact, I don't even want a domain presence
outside the networks.

to ssh into the firewall, I have to:

ssh vivek_(_at_)_192_(_dot_)_168_(_dot_)_0_(_dot_)_1

Rather, I would like to just ssh firewall (or whatever hostname is given to it)

Say I have two comps on the wired network and two comps on the
wireless network and the firewall. I would like to assign everything
to a common domainname (whether they run linux, windows, whatever).
Say the domainname is daemonized.net.

when I do ssh vivek_(_at_)_firewall_(_dot_)_daemonized_(_dot_)_net from a client to admin the
firewall, I get nothing to work. What are the steps (in detail) I have
to do get this working. Do I even need a DNS server to register the ip
address with the names? This seems like a no-brainer question, but I'd
say I'm relatively new in networking. I hope you guys don't grill me
for this. Thanks a bunch. Appreciate it. I'll send out any system info
after any replies.


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