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Re: Alpha CS20 wanted

> Does anyone have an API alpha CS20 (the 1U blue things at
> http://www.microway.com/21264dual.htm) that they could offer the
> project?  I would accept something else, except there really is *no
> room* left anywhere to put another kind of alpha.  That's all that
> fits, or this is the end OpenBSD/alpha
> The existing CS20 was donated by a kind person.  Perhaps there is
> another one out there?

I've spoken with Matt & Theo off list about this, and it seems likely
that I'm going to be the one trying to snag one of these machines.

Right now between Matt, Patrick, Marcos, and myself, I know of ~$360
being pledged for the cause. It looks like the ones we have our eyes
on online and from talking to vendors are likely to run in the $700

Alternately, should we miss out on one of these machines, Microway has
kindly offered to rebuild the current machine for $1,000. I believe
the consensus right now is to try to get a less expensive (though
equally performing machine), though I'm sure Theo will correct me if I
misinterpreted that. :-)

Either way, we're about: 

$340 - $650 short depending on which option we choose / are forced to choose

. . . and that's assuming everyone actually comes through on their
pledges, and we only have 3 days left on one of the auctions, so time
is of the essence.

For all of you out there who're using / depending on OpenBSD/alpha,
please step up and help us cover this teeny cash shortage. You can
send the donations to Theo via the normal channels or email me
off-list and I'll send my paypal address to you.

For those of you who're looking at or using the AMD Athlon 64s and
Opterons, many of the foundations of the 64 bit code come from the
work originally done on the alpha. Maintaining good support on the
alpha is so much more than just supporting a (semi-) legacy system as
some people perceive it to be.

It's also giving support to the blossoming technology of tomorrow in
platforms like these. Little things that come to light in one similar
platform are often found to be troublesome in others, too.

Given the importance of the alpha platform to me, I would most likely
reach into Ye Olde Savings and personally cover the difference if I
had  to, but like most of you, I'd rather not.

This is one of those places where given its importance to the
community, some more of us can--and really should--step up immediately
and help cover the small cost. We're talking about a lousy $500 or so
in pledges that we're short, so covering this should be trivial with a
few (even $10 or $20) donations.

Let's help get things back on solid footing once more.

Kevin Smith
P.S. For those of you who wonder if I'm going to take your loot and
run: relax. I've bought every CD since 2.7 and have personally donated
hundreds (maybe thousands?) of dollars in cash, hardware, and gifts.
In fact, the ports server has a dual port gigabit NIC because of me.
I'm sure Theo, Henning, Daniel Hartmeier, Jason Dixon, and others can
vouch for me if it's needed. That said, I would still prefer Theo gets
the donations directly. :-)

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