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BGPD: crash


I'm running OpenBSD's bgpd on one of my machines (i386) and, for some
reasons, a snapshot of July 12th. Before, I ran a snap from May 2nd (?)
which worked very nicely wrt. BGP, with a session lifetime in the
neighborhood of 10 days (I rebooted the box for unrelated reasons).
The machine itself has enough horsepower to run bgpd, and I import

Now, with the current snapshot, I find this in my logs after bgpd was

Jul 13 22:52:08 w1 bgpd[14813]: fatal in RDE: Uh, oh a politician in the decision process
Jul 13 22:52:08 w1 bgpd[12123]: Lost child: route decision engine exited

Any idea on how to (help) debugging this? Who of you runs bgpd



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