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Re: getting dhclient to update bind forwarders IPs

* Stephen Marley:

> On Tue, Jul 12, 2005 at 09:38:43AM -0400, Will H. Backman wrote:
>> > For the other part, if you're running your own nameserver,
>> > why would you want to use forwarders at all?
>> The use of forwarders is a good thing.  It reduces the load on the root
>> servers, and your DNS server gets to use closer servers that may already
>> have the answer.
> Actually, in most circumstances the use of forwarders is considered a
> bad thing by many DNS experts. See USENET comp.protocols.dns.bind for
> the arguments.

Eh, I didn't know this was a hot topic - I am by no mean a DNS expert,
I just know barely enough to have it work for my very limited needs.

I read about the issue.  Right now I am confused - I guess I'll have
to investigate a little more, sit back and decide if I continue using
my ISP nameservers as forwarders.

Thanks to everybody for your input.