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Re: ral0 problem

On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 03:20:24PM +0200, Peter N. M. Hansteen wrote:
> Matt Brenneke <brenneke_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> writes:
> > Nevermind that "almost working" comment, if I walk more than 15 feet
> > away from the base station the signal goes from 75 to 0.  Time to dump
> > this cheap card.  Does anyone know if ath works well with a pci 2.1?
> Yes, I've got an ath based card (a D-Link DWL-AG520) working fine in my
> home gateway. According to the ath(4) man page, D-Link has several
> models which should work. One notable exception is the DWL-G520+ card,
> which is based on Intel's super-secret acx111 chip. Stay away from that
> one. For my laptop I got a D-Link DWL-AG650, which works without any
> fuss at all. A writeup will turn up soonish somewhere near my PF sermon.

The chipset is actually by TI (Texas Instruments), not Intel.

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