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Re: 3.7 install script - dhcp

Thanks for the clarification, but I'm thinking your man pages must be -current, because I can find no mention of resolv.conf.tail in any man pages on my 3.7 (cdrom) system. The -current man pages on openbsd.org website appear to confirm the behaviour already present in cdrom release.

At 01:25 PM 7/12/05, Walter Goulet wrote:

man resolv.conf(5)

The resolv.conf.tail file is used to pass extra options to the
resolver. dhclient effectively appends the options in resolv.conf.tail
to the resolv.conf file.

On 7/12/05, Frank Bax <fbax_(_at_)_sympatico_(_dot_)_ca> wrote:
> I just installed 3.7 twice - once with dhcp and once with static ip address
> - just to see what the differences were so I could make the transition
> manually if/when necessary.  I notice that the dhcp install left two extra
> files on the system not found on the static ip install.
> Should a couple of 'rm' commands be added to install script to remove these
> files?
>         /etc/resolv.conf.save
>         /etc/resolv.conf.tail
> Does anybody care about such nit-picky details?
> Frank