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Re: ISAKMPD VPN w/ Cisco Concentrator

Hi Paul,

On Wed, 23.03.2005 at 12:28:17 -0500, Paul Lussier <p_(_dot_)_lussier_(_at_)_comcast_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
>    Authentication ESP/MD5/HMAC-128

> Should 'Athentication' above be AUTHENTICATION_METHOD in isakmpd.conf?

this would translate to


because there is no way to specify a key length with MD5 in isakmpd.

I have a connection to a Cisco VPN concentrator running nicely.
Be sure to use at least OpenBSD 3.6.

> And what does 'IKE Proposal' mean?  I couldn't find anything that
> seemed to match up with that in the isakmpd.conf man page.

Read something about how IPSEC works.


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