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What key length is used in blowfish hard disk encryption?

Reading the manual pages of vnconfig(8) and blowfish(3), I was asking myself how many characters are used for the encryption key of virtual disk devices at all. Looking at the source code of vnconfig, it looks to me as if the maximum number of characters which can be entered at the password prompt is 128, but examining the source code of sys/crypto/blf.{h,c} more closely, I'm getting the impression that only 56 bytes (the maximum key length of the blowfish algorithm) are really utilized. Please, is my observation correct?

(Since I'd like to use diceware[1] passphrases with vnconfig, if it *is* correct, I'd have to write my own function for getting the passphrase from the terminal and translate it into an appropriate blowfish key. That's the reason why I'm asking.)

Regards, Stefan

[1] http://www.diceware.com