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USB2 status?

I'm considering implementing a disk based backup system using USB2 hot-swap bays. I'm wondering about the stability and overall hardware support of the current USB2 drivers (on an x86 box). I'm asking because the man pages are somewhat slim and a bit scary in talking about USB2. For example ehci(4) says in the BUGS section "The driver is not finished and is quite buggy."

Some basic questions I'd love to have an answer to... Of course if the answer to the first one below is "no real support i.e. alpha" then the rest are somewhat mute :-)

* Is USB2 support considered experimental, alpha, beta, rc, or release?

* Do others have such a system in use? And how is it working out?

* Has anyone done throughput measurements? How close to the 480Mbds theory is practice?

* Are there specific hardware choices that I should make? Specifically for PCI-USB adapters as I'll be purchasing a dedicated card.

* Are hot-swap bays supported in any form? Of course with the usual unmount caveat ;-)

From the archives I gather there is some support for USB2 and external HDDs. And I know to stay away from Prolific based USB, re: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.os.openbsd.misc/84162 -- I'm just looking for some more specifics about reliability and effectiveness.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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