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Re: Can't make 3.7-stable release (tries to exceed capacity of /dev/svnd0a?)

Adam Fabian wrote:
> I've tried building an OpenBSD release from the 3.7-stable branch a
> few times in the last few days, on two different i386 machines, and
> both stopped in the same place.


> dd if=bsd.gz of=/mnt/bsd bs=512
> /mnt: write failed, file system is full
> dd: /mnt/bsd: No space left on device


> # uname -a
> OpenBSD noc.hillconet.net 3.7 GENERIC#0 i386
> (I was running the 3.7-stable GENERIC kernel both times I tried.  The
> userland, etc. builds and installs, too, just can't make the release.)
> Here's a complete dmesg from one of the machines that it failed to build
> on: (the other is pretty similar, and I believe both failures were
> identical, though I didn't save the last log, because I figured I
> probably did something wrong):
> OpenBSD 3.7-stable (GENERIC) #0: Sun Jul 10 14:53:01 CDT 2005
>     root_(_at_)_noc_(_dot_)_hillconet_(_dot_)_net:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/GENERIC
> cpu0: Intel Celeron ("GenuineIntel" 686-class, 128KB L2 cache) 468 MHz
> cpu0:
> R
> real mem  = 199794688 (195112K)
> avail mem = 175558656 (171444K)

This is really something for the archives. A problem description with
really good info, and a dmesg too, even though it actually wasn't
needed. Newbies, see how this guy did *not* get flamed for including
both relevant, and irrelevant info and got his problem solved really quick.

If one could only get coming generations to see this problem report too...

Janne Johansson
Sektionen fvr IT & Media, Stockholms Universitet
Frescati Hagvdg 10

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