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Re: OpenBSD log server

Qv6 wrote:
I have set up an OBSD firewall to replace my PIX, and configured it to log to an OBSD log server - a loghost. I'll like to set up a web interface to monitor the logs using msyslog (with mysql and php). Has anyone on this list done something similar and if so, what syslog utility did you use.

I used syslog-ng and a very modified php-syslog-ng. I wanted to use postgresql, and started out thinking I'd just convert php-syslog-ng to use pgsql, but then found a bunch of bugs and holes, and some *really* bad HTML. I fixed it up, fixed most of the bugs, and used Pear DB for the database interface so it's not database-specific.

Meanwhile, someone else noticed the same bugs I did, and apparently fixed them in the version on Sourceforge. If you want to use mysql, the new version might be okay now. Or let me know and I'll give you my version, which shouldn't be that hard to make work in mysql.

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