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program(s) needed for an authentication server

Hi all,

I have a very crappy computer that's been stripped of its HD and CDROM
drives. All that's left is a 1G of a RAM and floppy drive. I want to
put this computer to work. I was thinking of a floppy based solution.
I already have a firewall setup on another box, but was thinking of
building an authentication server on a floppy-based solution.

FreeBSD-small mailing list didn't help me much, so maybe I'll try you
guys. I need to know what programs are necessary to run an
authentication server daemon? That's all I need to run on this off of
a floppy. I was thinking PicoBSD could do it. Can an old version of
OpenBSD be fit on a floppy capable enough of just an authentication
server daemon. The computer has one ethernet port and floppy drive and
a 1G ram (which I'll probably strip down to 256MB).

If PicoBSD, can someone show me how to build a custom floppy with the
necessary programs?

If OpenBSD or anything else, ditto?