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I'm looking for someone to poke their head up for the sake of the archives here.

I've searched the archives for references to anyone using an LSI 150-6 MegaRAID card and haven't been able to find anything definitive. I'm considering my options for a SATA RAID solution and the "LSI/Symbios 523 SATA" cards seem to be the way to go.

From what I can tell it certainly seems that the 150-6 is the same hardware as a 150-4 but just has a few more SATA connectors and the supporting hardware on the card. The firmware downloads for the two cards are identical.

I would like to hear reports from anyone using a 150-6 on an obsd box. While I'm pretty sure it would work, I'd rather not be the guinea pig if need not be.

For the archives could you please include your dmesg so we can see it being identified as a "LSI/Symbios 523" card.


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