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Re: PF, Interface-groups and nat

On 2005-07-07 18:47, Vivek Ayer wrote:
Try running pfctl -nf; use both switches. This should give you an
error (syntax error) to which it refers you to a line where something
went wrong.

Sorry, I was being unclear, I did use -nf. However I did get rid of that problem by setting a real interface as the loginterface instead of the group. Unfortunately that did not make things much better.

Computers on the local network were able to ping the OpenBSD-box but not
the other way around, I just got "Sendto: No route to host". Nor could any
of the computers on the network get through to the internet, or rather, I
suspect that they could send out their requests but the router didn't
manage to send any data back. Strange though that the echo-replys got

Erik Wikstrvm

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