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Newbie with Wireless woes

Hello everyone.

I am new to OpenBSD (BSD in general), so please be gentle.

I have taken special care to pick a wireless card that is on the HCL for openbsd, and I have read the wi man page, the hostname.if manpage and the ifconfig manpage. I have lurked all over google groups, and on this list, and I cannot find what I am doing wrong. I have been at this for over 4 hours straight and I am exhausted.

Here is what I have:

OpenBSD 3.6
IBM 390e laptop
D-Link DWL7100-AP (802.11a/g wireless access point, claims backward compat. with 802.11b)
US Robotics USR2410 (802.11b wireless card)
A RedHat Linux DHCP server running ISC's dhcpd

I have a gentoo linux laptop working with this wireless setup. I just can't get my OBSD laptop working.

The machine seems to detect the card. Dmesg:
wi0 at pcmcia1 function 0 "U.S. Robotics, IEEE 802.11b PC-CARD, Version 01.02" port 0xa000/64
wi0: PRISM2 HWB3163 rev.A, Firmware 0.3.0 (primary), 0.7.6 (station), address 00:90:d1:08:44:7d

I have tried to construct my hostname.wi0 as suggested in the manpage:
!/sbin/wicontrol wi0 -f 11 -x1 -E3
inet nwid myssid nwkey 0xmylonghexkey mediaopt hostap

I have tried tweaking the above values in a myriad of permutations. My DWL7100 is set to use channel 6 for 802.11g, so I have tried that. I have tried x at both 0 and 1 values. I have found that no matter what value I give E, I get this error:
wicontrol: SIOCSWAVELAN: Invalid argument

(or something very similar).

I have tried setting the card up manually with the ifconfig command, like so:
ifconfig wi0 nwid myssid nwkey \
0xmylonghexkey mediaopt hostap

("\" added for readability).

When I do this, I can ping (itself), but not any other machine on the network.

I have checked they key a million times. It is as it should be. I just cannot figure out what this thing wants from me...

Could someone please give me a hand?

Thank you!