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Re: Flash Plugin for Firefox

Is there any way to make it work in Firefox?  I seem
to recall there was a working method for Firefox+Flash
but I can't seem to remember/locate it.  The port in
graphics mentions a plugin but it does not seem to get

--- David Cathcart <david_(_at_)_cathcart_(_dot_)_cx> wrote:

> If you for some reason need a working flash player
> in a browser, use 
> opera and macromedia's Linux flash plug-in. 
> get these packages from your neighborhood mirror 
> redhat_base*
> redhat_motif*
> next install ports/www/opera (no package)
> (this will build redhat_base itself but it has to
> source loads of shit
> from everywhere and getting the package is quicker,
> also it won't
> install motif which you need for flash)
> Download Flash player 7 for mozilla 1.2 linux x86
> from
> Untar and copy the .so and .xft to
> /usr/local/lib/opera/plugins (don't
> untar in /usr/local/lib/opera this makes opera
> segfault)
> Flash should work in opera now, go to about:plugins
> to be sure. 
> Also when you first run opera it will ask if you
> want random graphical
> ads or targeted text ads. I'd pick random graphical,
> don't particularly
> like the URLs of what page I'm viewing being sent to
> google all the
> time. 
> David
> On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 06:08:43PM -0600, Jim Beard
> wrote:
> > Can anyone point me in the right direction to get
> flash working with
> > firefox?  I notice there is a nsplugin.so in
> ports/graphics/flash. 
> > Would this work for firefox or would it work with
> netscape?
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