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httpd -> 3.6->3.7

Hi everybody,

I use virtualhosts in the OpenBSD httpD.
So I migrated my webserver including the configuration-file to 3.7 and
noticed that hte HTTPd listens always on ANY adress even it didn't do that
with 3.6.

At first I thought: Somethings changed

So I took the httpd.conf provided by 3.7 and added my settings.

Include /file/to/vhost/config.1

And so on...

But the httpD is still listening on ANY adress.

*.80 and *.433

BindAdress * is commented and should be ignored.
I also add no Listen-Adress because these settings should be provided by
the vhost-configurations.

I would be happy if somebody could tell me what exactly changed because I
didn't realy touched the configuration-file and added just the Include for
the vhost and enabled it.

COuld be something wrong with '#BindAdress *' even it's commented or did I
missed/forget something now?
I don#t configure httpD offen and so it could also be that I forget
something but I can't realy remember and after 2 hours I just gave up. :-/

Kind regards,