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Firewirestatus and more (backup strategy)..

I just like to know what's the status of Firefire is.

My Dad gave me such a external HDD-Case (Maxtor External Storage) wich
provide just Firefire (like most things found in sound-studios..).

So I like to know if somebody is working on Support because then I would
keep it and get a HDD and set up a BackUp-Solution because my 60GB
Streamer is broken.
It's importent for me to be able to take my BackUP-Data away and place it
somewhere else (security reasons).

If it's not planed to enable FW-Support (sorry for my english but I guess
you know what I mean) soon (~3/4yr or so) I would be happy if somebody
would be able to about a cheap streamer.

I had a OnStream ADR2 with 60GB capacity.
Maybe I should use a HDD for the backups because they're much cheaper but
I don#t realy trust IDE-HDDs and if I would use a HDD it would run also
24/7 and I guess it will break before my SCSI-HDD fails.

I organized the BackUP for my 3 Computers, the Internetserver and the
notebook via NFS+Streamer for now so I would realy happy for some advice
or other solutions.

The Internetserver (stored at a computercenter) has 2 HDDs and mirrors
/home but I backuped the data by hand before my streamer faild (after that
I enabled RAID at the server to be prepared for the worst case).

I've ~200 GB DATA but just some GBs are "realy" needed and importent.

Kind regards,