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Error "libtool: link: only absolute run-paths are allowed"

I received the following error when compiled Subversion-1.2.0
on OBSD-3.6:

$ make
cd subversion/mod_dav_svn && /bin/sh /tmp/subversion-1.2.0/libtool --tag=CC --silent --mode=link gcc  -g -O2    -DNEON_ZLIB -DNEON_SSL  -L/usr/local/lib/db4 -L/usr/local/lib  -rpath  -avoid-version -module -o mod_dav_svn.la  activity.lo deadprops.lo file_revs.lo liveprops.lo lock.lo log.lo merge.lo mod_dav_svn.lo repos.lo update.lo util.lo version.lo ../../subversion/libsvn_repos/libsvn_repos-1.la ../../subversion/libsvn_fs/libsvn_fs-1.la ../../subversion/libsvn_delta/libsvn_delta-1.la ../../subversion/libsvn_subr/libsvn_subr-1.la -lintl  -lz
libtool: link: only absolute run-paths are allowed
*** Error code 1

Stop in /tmp/subversion-1.2.0 (line 268 of ./build-outputs.mk).

I have installed package libtool-1.5.8.tgz and libltdl-1.5.8.tgz

The above error happened when I compiled Subversion with Apache2 
to get the WebDAV working.

If I compiled Subversion without Apache2 (--without-apache --without-apxs)
it would work OK.

What is wrong here?

Any help would be very appreciated.


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