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German Umlauts

Hi all!

OpenBSD 3.7-current (GENERIC) #212: Mon Jun 27 21:48:43 MDT 2005

I want to use german umlauts in xterm, which works fine using "csh"
and "ksh -o vi" but NOT using "ksh -o emacs" :-( (Umlauts work fine
in other applications like vim, xchat, firefox...)

My ~./profile (Slightly stripped to the relevant parts, umlauts not

,----[ ~/.profile ]-
| TERM="xterm-color"
| VISUAL="vim"
| export TERM VISUAL
| set -o emacs
| set emacs-usemeta on
| set convert-meta off
| set input-meta on
| set output-meta on

As soon as I type "set -o vi" I have umlauts, Euro-Sign etc. but I'd
really like to use "-o emacs" instead of "-o vi"

I'm sure I'm missing some detail, so: cluestick, anyone? :-)