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Re: Sun Netra T1 105

On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 08:04:38PM +0200, mdff wrote:
> for dell i'd choose obsd as well... but not for sun. theres trusted
> solaris and very good sec-features starting from sol9. also, i figured
> out that machine specific tools from the solaris os are not even planned
> under obsd.

Nonetheless, if I need to choose between trusting closed-source Solaris and
the open OpenBSD for security, I tend to trust OpenBSD more.

> furthermore for security, i guess it's always good 2 have a mix of
> hardware and os's.

In that sense it's even more interesting to run OpenBSD on Sparc, as
OpenBSD/Sparc would be a less common combination than Solaris/Sparc... ;-)

In addition, until the advent of Solaris 10 (which doesn't support older
Sparc hardware anymore), Solaris was far too expensive for home users like
myself - there was a so-called "free" (as in cost) licence, but that was
only valid for a limited set of machines and - even worse - only for
machines bought from Sun or a licenced dealer. None of my Suns falls
under that category, hence, Solaris 9 is a no-no for me.

With OpenBSD (or even Linux), at least I don't have to worry about all
that licence nonsense.


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