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Re: CARP i/f stuck in INIT when carpdev (dc) comes up

On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 05:12:09PM +0100, Stephen Marley wrote:
> I have some boxes with dc (quad Znyx), xl and some virtual gre
> interfaces. Using CARP with dc's as the carpdev, the carp i/f sticks in
> INIT state when I take the physical i/f down and up. I need to ifconfig
> up the carp i/f itself to get it to return to MASTER state.
> However, with the xl and gre interfaces, the carp device returns to
> MASTER when I bring the carpdev back up, which is what I'd expect.
> Is there something about these dc's (or these old pcs) that makes them
> difficult for CARP?

Just to follow up on this. There does appear to be something weird about
the dc's I'm using. I replaced the quad card with 4 xl's (junk I know)
and CARP works a charm. 

I had noticed before that just connecting a cable to these znyx dc's
wasn't enough to get the link light to go on, and the dc man page
mentions that connects and disconnects can't be reliably detected. I
guess it's all related somehow. 

Anyway, just beware of using (some) dc cards in CARP setups.


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