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Re: Installing KDE

On Friday 27 May 2005 10.47, Ami Emanuel Bizamcher wrote:
> hey all,
> how do i start kde from xdm ?
> (i want my users to start KDE and not fwvm by default)
> thank is what installed:
> openbsd 3.7 (GENERIC)
> kdebase-3.3.2p3.tgz
> p.s.
> i tried to set the .xinitrc file to:
> exec /usr/local/bin/startkde
> thanks,
> ami.

>From xdm(1)

 The xlogin widget, which xdm presents, offers the familiar
       login and password prompts.

       After the user logs in, xdm runs the  Xstartup  script  as
       Then  xdm runs the Xsession script as the user.  This sys-
       tem session file may do some additional startup and  typi-
       cally  runs the .xsession script in the user's home direc-
       tory.  When the Xsession  script  exits,  the  session  is

Yup, that's right, you could've found that out by reading the manual.

Johan M:son