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Re: xwindows screen resolution

Chel kenal pC$eval, N, 2005-05-26 kell 21:19, kirjutas Gregory L.
> Hello all,
> I am wondering how to set the screen resolution for x-windows. How does 
> one cycle through the different resolutions? Change resolutions? I have 
> loaded kde and cannot change out of "640x480" mode. My xorg.conf file 
> contains muliple modes including:
> Depth 24
> Modes "1024x768" "800x600" "1600x1400"
> Greg Magnusson

You have to set DefaultDepth 24 in your configfile, and the correct
frequencys for your monitod (HorizSync, Vertrefresh) you can probably
find them by searching google.On the modes line, the mode you would like
to use as the default should come first.
A reccomendation:Use X -configure to create a new configfile, on some
hardware it detects the right syncs on your monitor and so on, you can
alter it later to fit your needs (resolution, depth, etc.)

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