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Using the Internet to sell your business, products and more

Would you like know how a young postal worker put over 1000 people into
her organization in four months?

Do you want to know how to sell YOUR network marketing
business or products on the Internet better?

Then you will love learning
what brilliant Internet marketing expert, Max Steingart
does to help people create huge business from the Internet.
Max has been called the World's #1 Internet Mentor for the
Network Marketing Industry.

"Max, I thought you'd like to know that I've been able
to recruit  as many as 24 people into my business over
the Internet in one month using your techniques.
The person who placed first in the  company in a recent
recruiting contest is in my downline and he's doing it
on the Internet too. It only costs $250 to get started
in our business and the Internet gave us direct access
to the best people. I've been applying your trainings
online for over two years and  they're a big part of my
success equation. You've shown the entire world how to
expand the Three Foot Rule to the Internet. Thanks for
all that you've done for me and my organization."
NPR. Portland, OR

At the bottom of this email, are directions on how you
can receive a special discount on the purchase of Max's
Internet training courses.

Max's new Three Foot Rule in network marketing is:
"When you're sitting in front of your computer, you're
within three feet of the entire online world." That's
over 500 million people today and you'll have access to
all of them.

Max makes finding the best people on the Internet to talk
to about your business as easy as picking the Green M&Ms
from a bowl of mixed candy. 

SPECIAL Memorial Day Weekend Offer -  Save $38.97
Order Max's "Internet Power Pack" Training course for 25% off and
receive a FREE copy of his new book...Make the Internet Your Warm Market.

1.   Go to ww w.successway.com
2.   Click on the 'Order Here' button
3.   Type the word "Mentor" in the Promo Code box.
4.   Hit the ORDER button again and the purchase price will be reduced
     to $159.

If you're serious about learning how to use the Internet to expand
your business, you're going to want to order these trainings.

Testimonials for Max's Internet Training
"Max, I haven't seen anything that will impact the
network marketing industry like your trainings since
the introduction of video tapes back in 1988. I want
everyone in my 80,000 plus organization to hear them.
I've never recommended any Generic training program
that was developed outside my company until now."
Brent B., Nu Skin, Salt Lake City, UT
"Max, your program is the most comprehensive, foolproof
prospecting training system ever developed. I predict
it will take the network marketing industry to a whole
new level of growth and prosperity."
Burke Hedges, Author - Who Stole the American Dream, Dream-Biz.com
"Max, You helped me put over 1000 people into my
business over the Internet in four months and quit
my job at the post office. Thanks for making it
possible for me to shine."
Cynthia L., Palm City, FL
Hi Max! On October 26th I will be marrying Randy
Kelly, my first  downline, who I also met online.
I cannot thank you enough. Your program has not only
revolutionized my business, but now my life.
THANK YOU! :-)Take Care, see you in October in Las Vegas.
Sally D.



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