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sched_get_priority_min() ?


I'm trying to build fprobe (NetFlow probe, http://fprobe.sourceforge.net/) 
on 3.7/i386, but linking bombs out with undefined references to 

I see these declared in /usr/include/sched.h but I can't find the lib 
to link with.  Passing -lpthread doesn't help.  nm /usr/lib/* | grep ... 
doesn't show.  Found a few references to this in the gcc/libstdc++ and 
compat_linux src, but this is getting too deep for me..

This is only used to set 2 vars so it's easily faked if I knew what to 
put there:
	sched_min = sched_get_priority_min(SCHED);
	sched_max = sched_get_priority_max(SCHED);

Anyone could shine a light?  Thanks in advance.