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Re: My NIC go to sleep?

On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 09:59:00PM -0400, Nick Holland wrote:
> sebastian_(_dot_)_rother_(_at_)_jpberlin_(_dot_)_de wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I'm a newwbie on OpenBSD and I've installed it on a IBM P100 Computer.
> >> I have a "Intel 82557" NIC inside. This NIC can be seen as fxp0.
> >> My problem is:
> >> When I don't use the comuputer during about 5 minutes, my NIC "go to
> >> sleep" and don't want to receive or send any frames.
> >> But if I press a key on the keyboard or if I connect by SSH through
> >> another NIC,fxp0 works again during about 5 minutes. It is a strange
> >> behaviour.
> ...
> > *cut*
> > 
> > I had something similiar with an PC too (but I can't remember if it was
> > also IBM or DELL or whatever). Maybe it sounds crazy but deactivate
> > everything related with power-saving (if your BIOS provides that). The PC
> > I remeber had some problems because of the fucked up BIOS (like my
> > notebook with PCMICA...).
> Agreed.  Some IBM systems of that vintage had "power saving" modes which
> went quite beyond the call of duty, turning way too much off way too
> "hard".  Your description sounds very much like this.

I have an old compaq that was doing the same. Yesterday, I disabled apm0
using 'config -e' and none of the nics has gone to sleep since (but then
again, maybe I'm just doing something else different). Worth a try
perhaps? (See config(8) on how to modify your kernel's properties
without recompiling).


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