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Re: IMAP servers

On 23 May 2005, at 16:26, Allie D. wrote:

Niclas Sodergard said:
On 5/22/05, Gaby vanhegan <gaby_(_at_)_vanhegan_(_dot_)_net> wrote:

What do you use to do IMAP under OpenBSD?

I've used Cyrus-IMAP successfully on OpenBSD. It is slightly more complex to setup than the other ones but it is really fast.

I have run courier-imap for years...

From looking at the port, courier may not be exactly what I need as it's Maildir only, and we still have a lot of legacy mbox accounts. Cyrus does look a more complex to setup, having browsed the documentation briefly.

I think I'm going upgrade to the latest version of dovecot, as this will solve the problems I'm having (I've already probed the dovecot mailing list several times for appropriate solutions to my problem...)

When we upgrade the hardware, I think we're going to convert everybody over to Maildir storage, and end up using courier-imap/pop.

Thanks to everybody who replied :)


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