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Re: IMAP servers

I have run courier-imap for years...

Niclas Sodergard said:
> On 5/22/05, Gaby vanhegan <gaby_(_at_)_vanhegan_(_dot_)_net> wrote:
>> What IMAP servers do people use for email access?  I use Dovecot at the
>> moment under 3.6, as it supports SSL, Maildir and mbox, but it has some
>> problems with indexes.  I used to use the stock imapd that came with
>> OpenBSD, but that didn't handle Maildir.  I'm considering courier-imap,
>> but I thought that it didn't have a great security track-record (I may
>> be wrong here).
>> What do you use to do IMAP under OpenBSD?
> I've used Cyrus-IMAP successfully on OpenBSD. It is slightly more
> complex to setup than the  other ones but it is really fast. There has
> been a port circulating on the ports mailinglist but it looks like it
> didn't make it for 3.7.
> cheers,
> Nickus